Removing Rust Stains on a Countertop

Just about any countertop material is capable of developing some rust stains over time. While some materials are a bit more stain resistant than others (laminate, for example, has very good stain-resistant properties), rust is persistent and can leave its mark.

This means it’s important to always have a rust stain removal product on hand for help with removing rust from a counter in the kitchen or bathroom. You likely won’t be able to get rid of rust with just soap and water, so you’ll need specialty products or a mild abrasive—but abrasives can scratch plastic coating, which means they’re not an option for laminate.

The Magica rust stain remover is one of the most reliable anti-rust stain products on the market. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to use—much more so than other anti-rust solutions, such as vinegar or baking soda.

Here’s a quick look at how to use Magica to eliminate rust stains on a countertop.

Using Magica

There’s no need for rubbing or scrubbing when you use Magica. All you need to do is apply the product on the rust stain, and it will disappear within seconds. You can then rinse the area with water when the rust stain is gone.

The benefit to this product is that it removes rust stains effectively without the need for harmful acids that are often found in other rust-removal products, such as hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid. It’s a safe, easy-to-use product that comes in a gel or spray formula and can be used on the vast majority of surfaces, including materials that are much more delicate than your standard countertop.

For particularly heavy rust stains, there may be a second application required; however, if the stain does not disappear with two applications, then it probably is not rust you’re dealing with.

It is important to note that Magica should not be used on surfaces such as a highly-glazed marble or quartz—it could etch the finish. This means it’s not an option for all countertops, but it is for laminate and for other common countertop materials.

Other alternatives

There are some alternative options to Magica you can find in stores, but they all have their drawbacks and lack the efficiency of Magica.

For example, you can make your own paste using baking soda and water to remove rust from various surfaces, including laminate countertops. Spread the paste out over the affected area; let it sit for an hour; and then scrub away with a nonabrasive sponge or rag. The drawback here is that not only is this solution less effective, but it takes a lot more time and work.

You can also remove some rust stains with vinegar. Either spread a pool of vinegar over the stain and cover with plastic wrap, or make a paste with vinegar and salt or borax, and then let the paste sit on top of the stain. These methods are also less effective and take longer than Magica.

For more information about using Magica to remove rust stains on a countertop, contact us today.

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