Using Magica to Eliminate Rust Stains on Clothes

Rust stains happen. Whether they’re on your vehicle or pavement or on your clothes, they can be difficult to get out. Luckily, Magica rust stain remover is a safe and easy way to get rust stains out of even the most delicate fabrics. Don’t toss your great-grandmother’s embroidered tablecloth just because it got a rust stain. Follow the instructions below to get rust stains out of clothes and other textiles.

Remember, Magica avoids using harmful and corrosive acids, so it’s safe to use even on delicate fabrics. (For true antiques, you might want to do a patch test on a hidden area of the fabric first.) The rust will disappear right before your eyes.

Get rid of rust stains on clothing

Here are the steps to take to get rust stains out of your clothes:

  • Remove the excess rust: First, take a clean, dry toothbrush and remove the excess rust from your fabric. Brush gently to get rid of extra flakes—try not to grind the stain into the fabric first. Use light strokes rather than sawing back and forth.
  • Run under cold water: Next, rinse the fabric under cold water. This will help get rid of any rust particles that are still clinging to the surface of the fabric. Do not use warm or hot water, as that can set the stain.
  • Soak in water and baking soda: Now it’s time to pre-treat your fabric. Add three tablespoons of baking soda to a tub or bucket of cold water. Place your fabric in the water and make sure it’s covered completely. Let it sit in the cold water and baking soda for 30 minutes.
  • Apply Magica rust stain remover: Now that your clothing has been pre-treated, you can apply Magica rust stain remover. Whether you have a gel or a spray, simply apply the stain remover to the fabric. The rust stain should start disappearing as you watch. Wait until the stain has disappeared—you may need to use more of the product to ensure the stain is completely gone.
  • Wash in the washing machine: Next, wash your clothing on a delicate cold water cycle with like fabrics. Use detergent as normal. For particularly delicate fabrics, you may wish to hand wash with cold water and detergent.
  • Air dry to guarantee the stain is gone: Once your load has finished, take it out. The stain should be gone. If it’s not fully gone, do not put your fabric in the dryer—air dry and repeat the process until the stain is gone.

Following these steps will help you get rid of rust stains on anything from your favorite college t-shirt to precious antiques. You can also apply Magica directly to the fabric without the pre-treating steps, but do a patch test to make sure it won’t affect the fabric negatively.

When you’re ready to refill your Magica rust stain remover supply, shop online or find a distributor near you. You’ll be amazed at how rust stains disappear—like magic—and will never have to use elbow grease again.

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