5 Ways to Stop Your Boat or Super Yacht From Rusting

5 Ways to Stop Your Boat or Super Yacht From Rusting

Most people are aware that moisture is one of the main contributors to the formation of rust on your boat, and since your boat will spend a tremendous amount of time in the water, that leaves it susceptible to having oxidation develop on any surfaces exposed to the water. There is no doubt that oxidation can cause major damage to important components of your craft, and if left untreated, it can actually disable your boat. Fortunately, there are products available which can help you keep your boat rust-free, so that it’s looking its best and performing at its best.

How Can I Prevent my Boat or Super Yacht From Rusting?

Once rust has formed on any of the surfaces of your boat, you’ll have to take some steps to remove it, or it will eventually cause some significant damage to your boat. To prevent oxidation and corrosion from occurring in the first place, you can use a resistant coating which would be applied to all surfaces, you can wash down the vessel with fresh water, and you can make sure to store your craft in a dry environment so that oxidation has no opportunity to develop. However, boats are made to be in the water, and that will make it difficult to completely prevent the process of rusting from starting, so it’s good to know about some products which can help you eliminate oxidation once it has formed.

5 Ways to Stop your boat or Super Yacht From Rusting - Yacht

Magica Rust Remover

Magica is a fast-working, easy to use product which is extremely effective at removing rust, because it breaks rust down so that it can be simply rinsed away with ordinary water. It comes in either spray or gel format, and is available in several different sizes, up to a one-gallon jug, which you can use for large jobs where your entire craft may have been exposed to oxidation. Using Magica causes any oxidation to be transformed into harmless salts which can easily be rinsed away, and it contains no harmful or corrosive acids which might damage your vessel’s surfaces. For ease-of-use and overall speed, there is no better product on the market today.

Magica Rust Remover

Regular Cleaning

As soon as you are done using your vessel, you will want to thoroughly clean it. If you have removed it from the body of water, this becomes an easier task, but there are methods of cleaning while in the water that you can use, or may need to use on larger vessels.

Boeshield T-9

This product was developed by Boeing Aircraft, and it includes several different lubricants, solvents, and waxes which cumulatively penetrate into a given surface so it can displace any moisture, then lubricate and protect the surface as well. It’s very effective in a marine environment, and after application it will dry into a thick, waxy film which attaches strongly to any metal surface. Since it’s a non-conductive material, it will not promote short-circuits, and it’s safe for use on vinyl, paint, or plastics.

Invest in a Cover

For smaller vessels, a quality cover can prove vital in halting the progression of oxidation on your hull. These should prevent moisture buildup on the parts of the craft otherwise exposed to the open air, which can accelerate the process of rusting.

5 Ways You Can Stop Your Boat From Rusting - Boat Cover

Rechargeable silica gel packs

You may not have heard of rechargeable silica gel packs, especially in conjunction with rust removal, but they can be a very cost-effective way of removing it. These packs are actually industrial-strength desiccants that have the ability to absorb moisture and protect your vessel from corrosion, mildew, mold, and oxidation. You will have to use something else to eliminate rusting that has already formed on your surfaces, but this is an effective method for the prevention of future oxidation formation.

Preserve Your Vessel Today

There are a number of options you’ll have to prevent rust from forming on your boat, and the one which is best suited for your personal needs may boil down to cost, availability, or personal preference. When it comes down to ease of use and the speed with which a product can remove rust, there is really only one choice and that’s Magica Rust Remover. Contact us today to get a good supply of Magica, so you can keep your boat in pristine condition, no matter how much time it spends in the water.

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