How Magica Works on Even the Largest of Rust Stains

In late September, the USS Stout lived up to its name. The Navy destroyer announced that the ship and its crew had been at sea for 208 days. This shattered the previous records held by the cruiser USS San Jacinto and the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The record is a monument to the sturdy structure of these steel vessels. Of course, that kind of endurance test takes a toll on even the strongest ships at sea. For example, when the USS Stout finally rolled into port after its voyage, the signs of wear and tear were obvious.

Long streaks of rust crisscross the ship’s hull, indicating severe signs of potential weakness. As “stout” as this record-breaker was, it could clearly use a little help from Magica—our patented formula is the perfect option to remove rust stains from ships.

How does rust form?

Rust is one of the most common chemical reactions found in nature. When iron comes into contact with the combination of water and oxygen, it forms the orange, rough-textured substance we know as rust. As you can imagine, since naval ships are made of steel (which is made from iron and carbon), the threat of rust is ever present.

Seafaring corrosion

The need to remove rust stains from large vessels isn’t purely an aesthetic matter. Corrosion is one of the most hazardous threats to any ship. When rust forms, it replaces the steel in your ship with a weak, powdery substance. The formerly strong material of your ship becomes brittle. That increases the odds that water will find its way into your vessel, causing havoc with ballast and electrical systems.

Act before trouble strikes

You still have some time to act when the initial signs of rust stains pop up on your ship, boat or other surface. When you notice those warning signs, simply grab a bottle of Magica and get to work. Magica Rust Remover uses a secret formula to transform the elements that make up rust into harmless salts. These salts then rinse away.

It really is that simple. Apply Magica Rust Remover to the trouble spots, wait for the rust stains to disappear and rinse the area with a hose. No elbow grease required!

Best of all, Magica Rust Remover doesn’t rely on toxic, potentially abrasive materials to get the job done. That means Magica is ideal for boats, since it’s safe to use on literally every surface of your vessel.

The complete rust remover

Of course, Magica Rust Remover does far more than remove rust stains from ships. There is a nearly limitless number of uses. Magica can clean rust stains from antiques without harming them. It can clear off caked-on rust stains in toilets, showers and sinks. It’s ideal when detailing your car for its rust removal properties.

At Magica, Inc., we’ve been proud purveyors of this product since 1988. We’re so confident you’ll be impressed that we offer Magica with no risk to our customers. Visit us online today to find out more.

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