Maintaining Your Boat’s Gelcoat Finish

Owning a boat means putting in a lot of maintenance work, especially if you want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Most boats have a gelcoat finish, which helps protect the boat from water, rust and other sources of wear and tear.

Gelcoat is a thick protective layer that’s applied to fiberglass surfaces, like the body of your boat. It keeps the surface underneath from getting scratched or exposed to moisture, and makes the whole surface shiny.

Even though gelcoat is durable and protective, it can still get scratched and stained. Here are our best tips to keep your boat’s gelcoat finish clean and free of rust stains.

How to keep your gelcoat looking great

Your boat is prone to oxidation stains, even if you only run it in fresh water. Keep it clean by grabbing some Magica® Rust Remover, then follow these tips throughout the season:

  • Rinse down your boat: Before you take your boat out for the first time this spring, rinse your boat down thoroughly with soap and fresh water. This will help remove dirt, dust and any debris or grime that formed while your boat was in storage. If necessary, gently scrub the outside with a brush, then rinse with clear water.
  • Remove oxidation: Next, get out the Magica® Rust Remover and scrub the whole boat down, focusing on any visible oxidation stains. If any rust is forming, you want to make sure that it and the stains are completely gone before you move on to the wax step. After you’re done rinsing off any oxidation stains, let your boat dry thoroughly.
  • Use a good paste wax for protection: Your next job is to find a good paste wax. This will protect your gelcoat from wear and tear, as well as making it tougher for oxidation stains to penetrate the gelcoat. You can use liquid wax, but it’s not as effective for long-term protection. Keep in mind that this process will probably take hours, so you might want to ask others to help out. Once the wax is dry, buff it off.
  • Always rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water: Any time you take your boat out, especially in saltwater, rinse it down thoroughly with fresh water after use. Dry any metal components to prevent rust from forming.
  • Treat your metal with oxidation remover: Anytime you notice rust starting to form, use Magica® to remove the rust stains. You may want to follow up with metal polish. Staying on top of this will help prevent rust stains from attacking your gelcoat.
  • Remove new stains and rewax: Whenever you notice rust stains forming on your gelcoat, remove them with Magica® Rust Remover and rewax.
  • Park your boat in a shaded area: Finally, keep your boat as shaded as possible. Heat can speed the oxidation process.

When you’re ready to invest in a boat rust stain remover, visit us online to get your own Magica® Rust Remover. We’d be glad to answer your questions about our products and how to use them!

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