Why Superyacht Owners Use Magica to Remove Rust Stains

First, what is a “superyacht”? And second, why do owners of these vessels need superyacht rust remover? Here at Magica, we know superyachts because many of our customers have them! Now, you may wonder if Bill Gates or Elon Musk is giving us a call and ordering Magica to keep their toys “ship shape.” The quick answer is no. (Or at least, not yet.)

However, the crews of superyachts know that Magica is the best for removing rust stains on board their work place. Magica is proud to have marine equipment distributors located all over the globe that service the yacht industry and carry Magica. So, whether you are in Australia, Bermuda, Italy or Spain, Magica is keeping those superyachts super!

Why rust is a problem for superyachts

Superyachts are beautiful ships, but they can quickly deteriorate if rust becomes a problem. One of the main challenges to superyacht owners is airborne rust. This iron dust rusts while in the air, then settles on the ship’s surface. Metal objects near the superyacht, such as another ship or metal components at a shipyard, shed metal particles or rust, which then land on the superyacht.

For example, a ship owner may pressure wash his vessel, and the particles spray into the air and land on the superyacht. If these particles are not discovered and removed right away, they can cause problems. They may penetrate the surface and damage the superyacht as they eat through the paint or other materials. The rust particles also leave unsightly stains. This is why removing rust on a superyacht right away is essential.

How superyacht owners remove rust stains

When removing rust on a superyacht, and the nasty stains it leaves behind, superyacht owners must look to quality products they can trust. If the wrong product is used on certain surfaces, further damage may occur. In other cases, no additional damage is done, but the product simply does not work as a superyacht rust remover.

This is why, as they’re removing rust stains on a superyacht, owners turn to Magica. This proven product is trusted by superyacht crews worldwide and effectively erases unsightly rust stains. By using Magica, superyacht owners can restore their ships to like-new condition and keep them inviting and attractive for their next voyage.

Why Magica works

Magica’s proprietary formula quickly and safely breaks down rust stains so they can be rinsed away with water. It is safe to use on virtually any material and won’t leave behind any trace of oxidation. It is a quick, safe way to get rid of stains after removing rust on a superyacht—with no rubbing or scrubbing—like magic!

Keep your superyacht pristine

Magica offers a different kind of solution after removing rust stains on a superyacht. While other products may contain harsh chemicals, Magica is gentle enough to be used on virtually any surface of your superyacht. Simple and efficient, you can trust Magica to keep your superyacht free of rust stains and looking sharp. Contact us today to learn more about our superyacht rust stain remover or to place your order.

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