I started using this product about 20 years ago and recently ran out. Boom, I got online and within a couple of days I had a replacement bottle. At the beginning it seemed to be a hokey, 50’s logo type product that promised “magic” if you give them your money. To my surprise this stuff turned out to be a great product! I use the rust remover primarily on older motorcycles which have a habit of rusting in the coastal Carolina’s climate I love so well. Salt air and rust are the evil twins I deal with regularly and Magica Rust Remover defeats them easily! I have used other well known rust removers, which certainly work, but if you read their labels, you may not be happy using their products on chrome, stainless steel and painted surfaces, among other restrictions. In all honesty I don’t know if Magica is recommended for painted surfaces, but I have had good luck stopping scratches and dents from becoming corrosive nightmares. Good stuff!

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