How to Remove Rust From a Can Opener

Sometimes can openers or other utensils can get shoved to the back of a drawer for a long time, and when you discover them, they have rust spots which have developed because of moisture which somehow got into the drawer. It won’t be necessary to discard the can opener, because it can be made safe for food handling again with just a few simple steps. Here’s how you can restore your can openers and other utensils so they can have longer useful lives.

Use Magica

Wherever the oxidation spots appear on your can opener, all you have to do is use the spray bottle version of Magica Rust Remover, to douse it with a couple spritzes of the high-powered cleaning formula. Then you will only need to wait about 10 minutes for the cleaning agents to loosen and dissolve the oxidation on your can opener. All remaining traces of the rust can then simply be washed away with ordinary warm water, and you’ll be able to dry off the can opener, so it can be ready for immediate usage in your kitchen again.

How to Remove Rust From a Can Opener - Clean Opener

Home Remedies

If you’re waiting for some Magica Rust Remover to be shipped to you, you can still put your can opener back in use again around the kitchen. First you need to get some white vinegar and a toothbrush, and then you can scrub away those oxidation spots which you see on the utensil, before rinsing it off thoroughly with more vinegar. Once you’ve washed away all the rust, you can lubricate any moving parts with common mineral oil.

Clean as New Can Openers Fast

If your can opener or other utensils have acquired a bit of oxidation because you missed some moisture while drying them off, or simply as they were laying there in a drawer, it’s a fairly easy process to remove the oxidation. Your best bet is to purchase some Magica Rust Remover, which can be quickly delivered to you from this website. In the meantime, you can probably remove most of the stain by using the vinegar and toothbrush method described above. Remember that a little bit of rust on your utensils should not be cause for you to discard them, because with just some moderate effort, they can be restored to their original condition.