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The Risks of Rust—and How Magica Can Help!

August 26, 2019

Rust and corrosion can occur anywhere metal is present, and on anything metal. In fact, a majority of metals become especially vulnerable to rust damage when left out in the sunlight, unprotected from the elements. Exposed metals can undergo the process of oxidation, also known as rusting, which happens when a chemical reaction occurs between the metal and the elements. The result of oxidation is an orange-brown coloring on the surface of the metal object, although the color depends somewhat on the type of metal. Everyone knows about rust, yet most people are not exactly sure what it is or... View Article

Rust Removers Across the World

August 12, 2019

Since 1988, Oshkosh, Wisconsin-based Magica, Inc. has worked tirelessly to provide the very best rust remover gel. Of course, you do not have to be a Wisconsin native to appreciate the rejuvenating power of our product. Rust is always waiting to strike, but now, you can be prepared. Thanks to the advent of the internet, Magica, Inc. can deliver its one-of-a-kind results to people across the globe. From the sandy beaches of Australia to the rolling hills of Ireland, we’re ready to help you rid yourself of rust. We’re immensely proud of our growing record of international service, including new... View Article

Effects of Rust on Planes

July 29, 2019

Amateur and professional pilots alike share one common threat to the planes they hold so dear. Whether you’re at the stick of a personal aircraft or an oversized Airbus, rust is coming for you. Try as you might, there are few proven ways to prevent corrosion indefinitely. You can work on mitigating the onset of rust and wear, but rust is inevitable. At some point, you’ll need to turn to a professional to ensure your plane is ready to hit the runway. If you’re not already searching for an effective rust removal treatment, the impact corrosion can have on your... View Article

The Causes of Rust Stains on Laundry

July 16, 2019

You’re folding your laundry. You start to put away your favorite shirt, and you notice there is a rust stain right on the front. You know you didn’t get that stain while you were wearing the shirt, so how did it get there? Are there rust gremlins in your washing machine? Will laundry rust remover work to make them go away? Situations like these can be very frustrating. Without the proper use of laundry rust remover, you can lose many items of clothing to rust stains. How does this happen? Here are a few top causes for rust stains: Pipes:... View Article

Rust: The Unwelcome Guest at Any Resort

July 2, 2019

You want your guests to feel relaxed, to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to wish they could stay forever, so they’ll want to come back again soon. To maintain this enticing environment, you have to keep your décor in top condition. That means no rust, which means you’ll have to invest in liquid rust remover. Liquid rust remover is key to kicking rust to the curb at your resort. Let’s take a quick look at why rust invites itself onto your property in the first place, and how liquid rust remover can help you keep your resort looking sharp. Rusty... View Article

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