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How to Remove Rust From a Can Opener

March 25, 2020

Sometimes can openers or other utensils can get shoved to the back of a drawer for a long time, and when you discover them, they have rust spots which have developed because of moisture which somehow got into the drawer. It won’t be necessary to discard the can opener, because it can be made safe for food handling again with just a few simple steps. Here’s how you can restore your can openers and other utensils so they can have longer useful lives. Use Magica Wherever the oxidation spots appear on your can opener, all you have to do is... View Article

Is a Rusty Snow Shovel Safe? Here’s How to Fix It

December 17, 2019

Not all rusty shovel solutions are good solutions. Some will help restore your shovel, while others can cause more damage than good. That’s why it’s important to choose the right product to clean the rust from your shovel. Use the following guide to protect your tools and prevent additional issues that rusty shovels can create. Why is a rusty shovel a bad shovel? Due to moisture accumulation on the metal, snow shovels can rust. Once rust forms, it begins to deteriorate the shovel. Over time, the metal will break down even more and render the shovel useless. In the meantime,... View Article

Why You Shouldn’t Spray Paint Over Rust

November 11, 2019

Whether you’re working on a car restoration project or you’re trying to fix up an outdoor structure on your residential or commercial property, you might encounter some rust on some of the metal surfaces you’re working with. When you do, you might think a coat of spray paint will be sufficient to cover the corrosion so you can move on with your project. However, you should think twice about spray painting over rust—it’s a short-term solution for a problem that demands a more aggressive approach. When you spray paint over rust, you may be able to successfully cover it up,... View Article

Why You Shouldn’t Use Rusted Cookware

October 28, 2019

If you’ve had your cookware for a long time, it might be starting to show some signs of wear and tear. One of the most common issues that people experience with older cookware is rust development. Rust can develop on roasting pans, cast iron skillets, loaf pans and many other implements people use on a regular basis for cooking and baking. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the potential health risks associated with using rusted cookware and why you should think twice before cooking or baking with rusty pots and pans. Read on for some information about cookware... View Article

Removing Rust from Delicate Clothing

October 15, 2019

There are many uses for our Magica rust removal product, one of which is for use as a laundry rust remover for even delicate articles of clothing or other pieces of laundry. Just take it from one of our satisfied customers, Diane B.: “What can I possibly have to say that is negative about this product? Nothing! Not a darn thing, other than that it should be found in every store’s laundry aisle and household. This is amazing. I tried it on a delicate 65+ year old dress that had rust stains on it. I had lace prepared to cover... View Article

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