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Get a Safe Rust Removal Product for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Environment

May 28, 2019

Rust removal products are often packed with harsh chemicals to break down the corrosion of oxidized irons. This makes it important to use products that are healthy on the environment to make sure your drinking water is clean and rust free. You can get some much-needed peace of mind knowing Magica Rust Remover is biodegradable, and comes from a company that recycles manufacturing trash and waste. Customers are even encouraged to recycle the bottles and packaging! So why exactly is it so important not just to have a safe rust removal method, but to remove rust in the first place?... View Article

Why Do Home Fixtures Need Rust Treatment?

May 14, 2019

The interior of your home isn’t exposed to the elements. If your fixtures aren’t outside, why do they rust? Shouldn’t they be exempt from this damage? Why would you need rust removal products for home fixtures? If you’ve ever wondered why your home fixtures rust, here’s your answer! Use this guide to understand why some fixtures rust and why you’ll need rust treatment to restore them. Hard Water Rust Some fixtures need rust treatment due to hard water. Hard water is water that contains high concentrations of minerals. These minerals typically include iron, calcium and magnesium. As fixtures are exposed... View Article

Magica is the Rust Removal Solution You Need this Spring!

April 30, 2019

Spring cleaning time has arrived. Are you prepared with the tools you need for this year’s spring cleaning? Specifically, do you have a magician in your cleaning toolbox? For many stains you will encounter this spring, you’ll need a tough rust cleaner. The right rust removal solution can make those unsightly spots disappear! Not sure why you would need a rust removal solution? Consider the following projects that can be cleaned in a snap with Magica in your stash of cleaning supplies: Winter wear: Salting sidewalks all winter is often a necessary task. This makes walkways safe for pedestrians during... View Article

Magica Knocks Rust Out of the Park!

April 15, 2019

We’re excited to say that Magica is playing a role in a massive precast concrete construction project currently underway in Texas as part of the development of the new stadium project for the Texas Rangers baseball team. The team is getting a brand new, $1.1 billion retractable roof stadium. Precast Restoration, one of the contractors working on the project, recently purchased 15 gallons of Magica’s rust removal products to help with site cleanup to remove rust stains from the concrete. Here’s an overview of the project and what baseball fans can expect out of this new stadium once it debuts... View Article

Now Removing Stains in the Land Down Under!

April 8, 2019

At Magica, Inc., we’re thrilled to be working with a brand-new distributor in Australia: Australian Boating Supplies, a large marine equipment supplier in Queensland that is a go-to source for boating needs for people on the Gold Coast. By the time you’re reading this, their first shipment of Magica rust remover should have arrived! As any boat owner will tell you, there is a lot of maintenance required for the vessel that you don’t necessarily envision yourself doing when you first start thinking about purchasing one. This is true not just for hobby watercraft like speedboats and yachts, but also... View Article

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